dee yockey
June 2012


Just finished reading Within! It is a perfect blend of romance, suspense and humor! A great read for any preference! I couldn't put it down, a definate page turner! Thanks Dee! Can't wait for the next one!! (Amber on Amazon)

I really enjoyed Within. The book grabbed my attention on the first page, which is saying something for me. Most of the time I have to get into the story a ways before I'm hooked.
(Gail from Pennsylvania)               

 August 2011


Just finished Run….Awesome ending. The last two chapters had me hooked. Kept getting mad when everyone kept interrupting me. So now I am out of reading material from one of my new favorite authors. SO Hurry up and get the next book written so I have something new to read. (TA from San Diego Ca)

This book was Great!! A real page-turner. Had me from the beginning when the first few pages described the front cover of the book, and the end has you on the edge of your seat!! A MUST READ! (SH from Montana) 

April 2011


Great book! It’s a thriller that is mixed with romance. Also is a book you will not want to put down. Check it out! (TC on Amazon)

Loved this book. From the beginning you are gripped into the story and it does not let you go until the end. (JB on Amazon)

All I can say is WOW! (Sharon from Utah) 

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